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Opportunity shies away from need

Recently I was listening to a YouTube video of legendary success coach Jim Rohn presentation and he said that “opportunity shies away from need, but opportunity is attracted by talent.”

Opportunity shies away from need

I think the point is that the more you NEED something, the opportunity to fill that need is unlikely to arrive. The opportunity arrives when you put in the work needed to create the appropriate talent. So if you need a job or promotion or even that big sale, you won’t get it if you don’t work on yourself and develop the talent that will bring about the opportunity.

We are all selling something. If you are an employee, you’re selling your time and skills. If you need a better income, a “living wage,” you should determine what talents your employer, or potential employer, wants to buy. Then work on your skill set and bring the talent that attracts the better salary, position, and opportunity.

Another, similar quote: “Life responds to those who deserve it, not those who need it.”

What do you’re thoughts?