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Snow storms and travel bans

Sitting home today because of the New England weather. We received somewhere in the neighborhood of 2 feet of snow in the last 24 hrs and everything is closed. In fact the governor declared a state of emergency and imposed a travel ban for everyone except essential personnel; snow removal equipment drivers, medical personnel, etc.

In today’s case in the Boston area, staying off the roads was a smart move, but these government imposed travel bans seem to be more frequent and may be conditioning us to ask permission before traveling.

In days past it would have been up to the individual and the road owner to decide if it was safe to travel. Travel is generally accepted as a right. One should be free to travel where he/she chooses as long as he doesn’t trespass on another’s property or violate anyone else’s rights. Is the right to travel becoming “travel is privilege?”

But in an age when the State has a monopoly on road ownership they can restrict travel at will. I suppose you could argue that they were only restricting motor vehicle operation and one could, if he choose, walk or ride a horse on the road. But I’m not even sure that would have been allowed.

While it is probably not worth worrying about, it seems like these travel bans could be a form of conditioning. What sort of future emergencies might be excuses for banning travel? Civil unrest, false flag terrorist attacks, or just the threat of an attack of some sort?

Freedom doesn’t mean we will always be safe from all dangers, it means we are free to weight the risks and rewards for ourselves and choose our own action.

Ebola Concerns

With all the news about the Ebola epidemic in West Africa it is hard not to be concerned. But how worried should we be?

The virus is highly infectious, as little a 10 virus particles are needed to infect a host. However, the virus is not easily transmitted. It does not survive on surfaces very long, unlike the common cold and flu viruses. Ebola is not particularly a respiratory ailment, so it is unclear if it is spread by coughing, but the general feeling is that it isn’t.

Ebola is mostly transmitted to the patient’s caregiver. Even in Africa where the disease is having its biggest impact, children that are not caring for the patient are not often infected. So unless you are in direct contact with an infected individual you really should not be too concerned with getting sick and dying.

So why is there so much hysteria around this virus in North America? Mostly because the news media is in the business of selling eyeballs to advertisers. They need to keep people on the edge and addicted to the news reports so they sensationalize the situation.

There are easily a dozen things that are more worthy of our worry than the spread of ebola, but that is another post.

Stay safe.