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Set backs don’t have to define you

I like to start out my day by reading something motivational or watching a positive video on YouTube. One YouTube channel I subscribe to is Eric Worre’s. Eric describes himself as a network marketing pro and offers positive advice for others that choose this profession.

Today Eric’s video was about not letting drama define you. We all experience set backs in our life and they are bound to have a negative effect (or is it affect, I can never remember) on our life. The trick is to not let the negative event and the drama surrounding it get in the way of living the life want for ourselves, and deserve.

We all know those people that have let some drama define them. I remember a work associate that went through a divorce. He went from being a positive, fun person, to being all about how his wife betrayed him, stabbed him in the back, etc. It seemed that every conversation became about how he was a victim. He let the drama surrounding the breakup of his marriage define him. He became Larry the divorced guy.

As Eric says we can become the victim or the victor, it is how we decide to let the drama influence us. I know it isn’t always easy to forgive, and move on. In fact a lot of times we like to feel sorry for ourselves and want others pity/attention, but it does us no good.

We only have this one life and it is too short to let drama rule it. Take a good look at your life and identify one drama that you are clinging on to. It is in the past, there is nothing you can do about it except learn from the experience and be a better person.

Hope you found this useful. Peace.