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Feeling stuck again

My business, a specialty pet store is barely breaking even. And I’m not getting paid for my time. The network marketing business I started almost a year ago is growing slowly, but not growing nearly fast enough.

Both of these are no one’s fault but my own. I’ve made a lot of mistakes and perhaps lost my focus at times. No, that isn’t true. I lose focus all the time.

I don’t really know how to grow the pet store without more capital, and even then I’m not really sure what the best thing would be to do with the capital if I had it. My best idea right now is to keep it going and hope to build my customer base over the next year. Maybe then I’ll have enough cash flow to grow the biz.

So maybe the network marketing could be a better business if I had more time to spend on it. But the store demands too much time and energy. So i’m stuck. Or am I?

Started watching some YouTube videos by some network marketing pros offering their advice, wisdom etc. All part of my ‘self development’ study. And the reality is starting to hit home.

What is the reality? The reality is this, the problem is me. Yes, that’s right, I am not focusing on taking the correct action. I procrastinate, make excuses, complain and blame my circumstance. But the only person I can change is myself. The only circumstances I can control are the circumstances I can control. Not even sure that last sentence makes any sense.

So what is my point? I need to keep working on me. I hope to log my progress here and maybe I’ll get some advice, or maybe my experience will help someone else.

onward and upward.